A Big Thank You!

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Hey Elevens! Hope you’re keeping well out there.

The four of us just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for all your support over the last 11 months. As is the case for countless people, it’s not been an easy year, especially as our favourite thing in the world to do and main source of income - performing live - has been well and truly chucked on the shelf.

Considering all music is basically out there available for free, we really appreciate all of you who’ve listened to and shared our music, bought a piece of merch and especially those who have jumped aboard our Patreon. It’s really helped to keep the lights on in the metaphorical Area 11 home (I’m imagining it now and it’s got slides instead of staircases and the upstairs floor is just one big bed). Thank you so much, you really make what we do possible!

If you’re not familiar with Patreon and you wanted to support us through this gigless time, basically you get immediate access to LOADS of Area 11 music for $5 dollars. This includes: Originals - (in mp3, flac & wav formats + instrumentals): SINGLARITY Anthology / Cassandra Rising EP / Floating World / Live Albums: Everybody Gets a Piece Tour / 2000 Screens 2020 / Acoustic Songs: SINGLARITY Acoustic / Covers (17 and counting genre spanning covers): / Cover Girls EP / Flannel EP / Not That Christmassy UK Christmas Number Ones EP / Back Catalogue: Blackline [COMPLETE] / All the Lights in the Sky [COMPLETE] / Underline [COMPLETE] / Extras: Exclusive Area 11 Discord Chatroom Access / Access to the Area 11 Minecraft Server / Early Access to tour tickets / Early access and discounts for new merch

Check it out here!